Cici Apriza Yanti, Rizki Muliati
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Jurnal Endurance
Hypertension generally occurs without symptoms (asymptomatic), most people do not feel anything, even though their blood pressure is far above normal. Hypertension is the cause of death number 3 (three), after stroke and tuberculosis. Various natural ingredients can be used to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients, one of which is to consume watermelon juice. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in the given intervention of red and yellow watermelon juice to decrease blood pressure in the elderly. The study was a pre-experimental design with two group pretest posttest designs. This research was conducted in August 2018 in the Pauh Padang Health Center Working Area. The sample in this study were elderly who suffer from hypertension, 16 samples were taken from the elderly and given red and yellow watermelons. The sampling technique is based on purposive sampling. The results of this study obtained an average blood pressure before giving intervention of red watermelon juice was 176.12 mmHg and after giving intervention of red watermelon juice was 139.38 mmHg, while the average blood pressure before the intervention of yellow watermelon juice was 175.00 mmHg and after intervention of yellow watermelon juice is 140.62 mmHg. From the results of statistical tests, the value of p= 0,000< 0, 05 can be concluded giving intervention so that it can be concluded that there are significant differences between the provision of red and yellow watermelons with a decrease in Blood Pressure.
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